Audio-Video Guide

An audio video guide (30 min) will guide visitors through the exhibiton. If you missed the site-specific installation project or would like to revisit it, this video provides a tour through the virtual space. - You can find a short teaser video (2 min) here as well.
Doing and Undergoing, 2013

Audio-Video Guide. Script: Bixby Elliot, Lynda Hallmark, Richard Jochum, Kara Davies. Inspiration: Janet Cardiff. Videographer: Kara Davies. Video-Editor: Christopher Hedin. Sound: Tim Race & Miles Spillane. Spirt guide: Tiff Roma. Special appearance: Marta Cabral & kids, as well as Warner Burke. Music: Angelo Miranda, James Corter, Haruko Nara Yoshizawa, The Drum Tree (trailer).