Discover the different sites and artworks on display. The sites are numbered in the order of their appearance along the tour.

The Sites. 5-8



Bill Albertini


Basement Work. 2013.

Video installation with 9 archival ink jet prints. 

Location: Zankel Hall, basement.


"Basement Work" responds to its placement. The video is a structuralist work that references the history of film by manually reproducing technicolor. Albertini films the red, green and blue channels separately and then combines them in a postproduction process to achieve a startling effect. 



Risa Puno


Scent Series. 2013. 

Installation with synthetic scents. 

Location: Horace Mann, Basement.

Risa Puno uses an uncommon creative medium to stage a transformative moment. The work puts into question the conventional distinction between different types of experiences, as scent is both personal and universal. 
The scent series utilizes incongruent, anti-seasonal fragrances, associating the scent of apple pie with summer and freshly cut grass with winter.



Michael Rees


Um and Ah Shift Dewey. 2013.

Installation with CNC milled form.

Location: Thompson Hall between basement and first floor.


The installation touches upon the relationship between object and language. The form of entangled pipes reflects an artistic interpretation of filler sounds such as um and ah. These phonems stand for the action of inhaling and exhaling forming a tangible object.

The two pieces of the installation reveal the portrait of John Dewey staring into the bowels of the college and rethinking his own legacy. 



Christo & Jeanne-Claude


Wrapped Reichstag (1971-95), Wall of Oil Barrels - The Iron Curtain (1962), Running Fence (1972-76). Photographs.

Location: Horace Mann, 1st floor.


The artists use polypropylene fabric to wrap or build hallmarks in our environment. Whereas Running Fence emerges out of environmental considerations, the Wall of Oil Barrels protests against the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.
The pieces encourage the viewer to see the environment with new eyes and a new consciousness. The photographs are part of the Teachers College private collection. With respects to this idea, they were curated afresh for this exhibition. 

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