Discover the different sites and artworks on display. The sites are numbered in the order of their appearance along the tour.

The Sites. 



Dan Solberg & Jake Cruzen


We Noticed You Too. 2013. 

Framed photographs. 

Location: Horace Mann, 4th floor.


Following an artistic tradition, the artists play with the way an artwork can be looked at. In the 19th century, Edouard Manet created a scandal with Breakfast on the Grass that was perceived as too voyeuristic. Gruzen and Solberg retake and translate the idea of voyeurism in a humorous way. The subject is looking directly at the visitor, thus evoking the question of who is watching whom?



Monika Wuhrer


Your presence leads to conflict (however, there is little reason to think that your absence will lead to peace.). 2013.

Location: Thompson Hall, mezzanine.


Three Everlast bags are hanging from the ceiling with three different imprints: a slogan from a recent student protest in India against rape, a quote from Goethe translated in English, and the quote from a Sunni leader during the Iraq war, that gave the piece its title. 


The artist’s work develops out of a sensible approach to the environment. This piece in particular calls upon the dynamic between individuality and groups. Installed in the old gym, the bags recall sports activity in the absence of it while implying the potential of conflict.



Caterina Tiazzoldi & Eduardo Benamor Duarte


Onion Pinch, Baroque Contrepoids Redux. Video projection / Audio, 17 min, looped, 16:9 aspect ratio, 2013. 

Location: Thompson Hall, mezzanine. 


The projection based video piece is a poetic documentary of dancers moving in the installation, improvising. During a predetermined timeframe, the spectator is invited to experience the dancers’ interaction with the space. 




Katherine Daniels


SNAFU. 2013. 


Location: Thompson Hall, encompassing several floors.


Referencing the tradition of craft, this colorful weaving on three levels of the antique elevator shaft plays with the effects of light, color and transparency, the qualities of the stained glass found throughout the building.

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