Discover the different sites and artworks on display. The sites are numbered in the order of their appearance along the tour. 

The Sites. 



Luis Camnitzer


Assignment #2, #8, and #9. 2011.

Installation, brass plaque, mixed media.

Location: Gottesman Library, Russel Hall 1st floor.


Assignment #2: This is a poetic statement. Assignment: Identity the elements that construct the poem.


Assignment #8: This is a sphere shaped by its limits. With a radius of infinite length, it will still remain a sphere. Assignment: Comment on this.


Assignment #9: This box organizes the universe into two spaces. Assignment: Discuss what could make the inside more appealing than the outside.



Ana Golici


The Last Bee. 2013. 

Digital Print. 

Location: Rose Commons Alcove, Zankel Main Hall, 1st floor.


The prints on three adjacent walls of Rose Commons are based on the artist's perception of the bee’s disappearance in her neighborhood and the threat that causes for agriculture, the ecosystem, and our food supply.
What may look beautiful at first reveals itself as provoking and disturbing.



Vikki Michalios


Beanstalk Garden. 2013. 

Mixed media, biosystems. 

Location: Zankel, Basement.


The installation blends together art, horticulture, and sustainable technologies. It is intended to ignite inquiry about modern use of natural resources, our environment and nutritional impacts of agricultural practices.


Hanging vessels are filled with grow medium made from volcanic rock. Pink lights brithen the grass and wheat sprout from rockwool and a bed of vegetable shine.



Peter Dudek

Big Names; The Big Sleep; Architecture; Drawing Class. 2013.

QR-code installation.

Locations: Various, Zankell Basement, 4th floor Horace Mann, and Thompson Hall. 


The artist utilizes new information technologies to create a series of plays using the historical archive of Teachers College and putting them into seemingly arbitrary contexts. Following a model of intertwined processes, the codes mimic the exhibition site.
It's up to the viewer to discover and decipher the code of each sticker in their peripheral areas.  

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